After the succes in library and in education programs since 2004, this book is no longer available from the publishers Somogy and Albin Michel. A long seller !
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Carnet de Poilu / Belle Petite Monde
Their life told to his daughter "Belle Petite Monde" by Renefer

"During the course of a conversation with the artist's grandson, the latter showed me this sketchbook. That was the first time it had ever been taken out of the family archives. The sketchbook is both restrained and sensitive,bearing witness to the life of the poilus, the hairy guys, at the ordinary french soldiers were called in World War I. It refrains from depicting of the brutality of the battle. While these drawings were meant for child on the ideal of death is unmentioned, still it makes itself felt. Now, 100 years later, this sketchbook, Carnet de Poilu, with its very special light touch, lets us revisit the daily life of the poilus, the horror of the battlefield and the suffering of the civilians. Above all, it provides a timeless reminder of the importance of duty and memory.

The sketchbook's final "Don't forget me" is adresses not only to Renefer's daughter but to future generations as well, to all children, and therefore to us,the children, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the "sacrified generation".


"Since I can't tell you stories like I used to, I'll try to amuse you by writing about the funny things your papa sees here.
You've probably figured out that I'am going to tell you about soldiers!
Some of them are really funny. There were two going down the road.
They were both fathers, but the one with beard might have been a grandfather, too.
A grandfather going off the war ? That's a pretty sight !
You can be sure he's still in good condition and those Boches better not hurt his grandchildren ! You bet !"

"There are other soldiers whose job is to climb all the way to the top of poles so they can fix the broken wires.
They're pretty brave.
Have you noticed that even France's little birds are brave enough to sit quietly on the wire while artillery shells are going off?"

"Sad to say, many of our little soldiers are sleeping forever beneath French earth.
The little flowers of the field grow on their graves and decorate them.
The blueberries, daisies and poppies cover them with a thousand little flags like the one they died for, the flag of France.
When you grow up and when every year they celebrate the glory and courage of our soldiers, you'll think of all these little crosses scattered through the fields."

Original Booklet in fac-simile
Format : 162 x 104 cm
96 colored pages, 80 illustrations.

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Press review (in french)

Gabrielle Thierry
Association Renefer