The Renefer's Catalogue Raisonné* is being prepared for publication.
This volume will compile his complete works : paintings - drawings - engravings.

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Carnet de Poilu par Renefer

"Carnet de Poilu,
Leur histoire racontée aux enfants par Renefer"

Descriptions and drawings of the daily life of France's poilus (the unshaven), the name for ordinary French soldiers in World War 1

Bilingual (French/English)
available in your bookseller
Albin Michel, Paris

Renefer's writing and illustrations on his "French Brittany",

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* A catalogue raisonné is a complete and annotated listing of the works of a particular artist. It provides information such as title,medium, size, owner, gallery, collection, and/or exhibition. It includes details about the provenance and present condition of each work.